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I am Kassandra Keeton.

Software Engineer.
Digital Marketer.
Compassionate Teacher.


More About Me

I am passionate about empowering others for greater success by breaking the tech stuff down into easy-to-understand, byte-sized pieces.

I enjoy creating innovative software engineering solutions, mentoring other developers, and know the importance of digital marketing - whether to find a job, grow a business, or simply to get the word out on an event.

My Experience


Here are the most recent roles with which I have had the pleasure of working on. Due to the nature of most of them, I have worn many hats for several projects. If you would like to see more details about what these roles entailed, please review this document or my LinkedIn.

June 2022 - Present

Software Engineer

CEAD (Escalations) - Cisco Systems, Inc
  • Planned & prioritized the work of 3 people.
  • Introduced bi-weekly sprint retrospectives & planning sessions to improve team clarity while minimizing wasted time.
  • Created Communities of Practice (including a team training plan) to ensure improved streamlined development, more rounded support within the team, and ensure team was knowledgeable of expected company standards.
  • Facilitated multiple cross-team development projects to support high touch needs for the organization.
  • Utilized event management experience to support 2 events.

January 2021 - June 2022

Community Advocate

Marketing - ManyChat
  • Was the acting Technical Director and Head of Support for the company's first 100% virtual event - Instagram Summit 2021. Become the sole company expert in Splash - the event system chosen for hosting the technology. Created a front end system that could do what was needed, even though Splash was not intended for what I accomplished.
  • Led a Facebook community of over 100k people.
  • Created a monthly webinar program to support ManyChat users through product training and opportunities to connect with other chat bot creators.
  • Engaged with influencers and high-impact users in order to increase brand awareness and find speakers for our different events. (See projects section.)
  • Supported company webinar initiatives with marketing to the community, tech setup, & support.
  • In less than 1 month, took provided information relating to a booth at Traffic & Conversions 2021 and co-created a fun & interactive experience for event attendees. Our booth had interactive QR codes, a built-in photo booth using the wall design, and a working automation to inform people about different booth experiences as well as how to win our booth's raffle.

June 2019 - January 2021

Community Evangelist

Data & Analytics - Cisco Systems, Inc
  • Took an automated training badging system that worked about 50% of the time, rewrote the code within 1 month to resolve all issues, and made it be more flexible to support upcoming expected changes to the program(s).
  • At request of manager, started and ran the Data Science Awards in 2019 and 2020 for the annual Data Symposium event. This included marketing to all Cisco employees for submissions of data science, machine learning, or artificial intelligence projects as well as creating an award & additional bonuses for winners.
  • Co-led the Data Symposium 2019 event, where the organization put on a 3 day in-person event to provide training and bring awareness to innovative technologies & tools in the data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence space. Lead the vendors booth section, developed templates for the next event, and was on-site speaker support, event security, and overall timekeeper. Created and implemented marketing strategy (email and social media) which led to 16% attendance growth.
  • Lead the Data Symposium 2020 event. Due to COVID, took a 3 day and 90% in-person event using 50+ volunteers and our entire team of 5 down to myself, support from my manager, and leveraging internal webex and production studio teams for the event. Slashed the budget by over 75% from previous year, made the event a rolling training to support global attendees, increased attendees by 800+ YoY, and had highest attendee approval ratings of all prior events. Found and negotiated pricing & expectations of external speakers (Andrew Ng and Rana el Kaliouby) - including bonuses for the event's award winners.
  • Led the Data Science & AI For Good program. In this role, I met with non-profits to understand their need and determine if there was a fit for leveraging data science solutions. If leadership approved a project, I marketed to Cisco volunteers & we began working towards a solution.
  • Continued my work with the Coding Hour initiative I started as the Collaboration Scripting Lead.

June 2016 - Jun 2019

Collaboration Scripting Lead

TAC - Cisco Systems, Inc
  • Python mentor to several TAC engineers - some went into full development roles.
  • Built & ran 3 day in-person python bootcamps for all 3 Cisco TAC Americas locations. This focused on python basics within the internal proprietary case automation system.
  • Hosted & ran a 3 day hackathon focused on building more modules for internal TAC case review automation system. Collaborated with Cisco TAC Tech Leads across TAC Americas involved with different gateways to create not just a hackathon - but also train additional personnel on the system.
  • Participated in the planning, creation, updating, and review of miscellaneous internal case review automation scripts as needed for different teams.
  • Started and ran a bi-weekly training & awareness program - Coding Hour. There were (generally) 2 sessions (to support personnel across the globe) and everything was recorded. Either myself or someone else in the company would teach on python, data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc - or simply sharing their work on projects. By the time I left in January 2021, there were 3k+ people on the mailer with 1k+ members in the team chat room.
  • Created a support ticket health system for management that replaced an outdated and unsupported tool. Leveraged multiple internal automations and APIs to provide a visual representation of case backlogs for an individual, team, or organization. Examples of this health check include but are not limited to case age, bugs attached, time elapsed since engineer update, etc. It also provided an automated email and ability to download the data via XLSX.
  • Created & ran a python introduction bootcamp for attendees at the DevNet Camp Create 2019. Also participated in person as a local mentor & developer.
  • Was invited to speak at Cisco Live LATAM 2018 - “How To Think Like A Programmer”.

2015 - CURRENT

Marketer & Trainer

Business Owner - Prosperous Heart, LLC


Testimonial Provider Image - Dave McAllister

Kassandra is extremely knowledgeable of Python and I got a lot out of her class. The material is very interactive and she helped me with any questions or issues that came up.

Dave McAllister Senior Analyst - Global Pricing
Testimonial Provider Image - Jennifer Knickerbocker

I recall from our time together in the women's leadership course back in 2016, your tenacity and passion around teaching coding. You should walk away from your time at Cisco knowing that you have made an impact on so many people.
- Once a Cisconian, always a Cisconian.

Jennifer Knickerbocker Risk Management of Information, Systems, and Resources
Testimonial Provider Image - Santanu Ganguly

I have known you when you were training people on Python at Cisco, attended a lot of those coding hours and whereas I was your worst student and can’t code to save my life (not your fault), you were an amazing teacher and trainer.
Anyone willing to learn, upgrade or polish off Python skills will benefit amazingly from your sessions. Highly recommended!

Santanu Ganguly Systems Architect at Cisco | Author | Advisor | MSc. Observational Astrophysics, MSc. Mathematics, CEng, MBCS-CITP, Google Cloud Architect
Testimonial Provider Image - Arielle Sumits

Kassandra you are a total go-getter! I have enjoyed partnering with you on Data Science for Good, and I am sure exciting adventures await you wherever you go.

Arielle Sumits Data Scientist
Testimonial Provider Image - Kirtee Yadav

I really enjoyed working with you on DS4Good program, appreciate your leadership skills in building a team of volunteers and provide guidance on data science project!

Kirtee Yadav Driving strategies to achieve key business outcomes
Testimonial Provider Image - Larry Rios

Thank you so much for everything you have done to improve our ML and Data Science skills Kassandra. Also, thanks for helping new hires get connected to different groups in Cisco.

Larry Rios Software Developer at Cisco Systems
Testimonial Provider Image - David Spindola

It was amazing to work with you Kassandra, your passion to share knowledge and make innovation happen is inspiring.

David Spindola Leader, Customer Delivery en Cisco (LATAM)
Testimonial Provider - Holly Fitch-Stevens (Entrepreneur & Life Coach)

I am a total "TCBB"!!! That is a "Technically Challenged Baby Boomer"! Kassandra's patience and willingness made my sessions exciting and productive. She not only really knows her stuff on Facebook, she also helped me with my blog. Some very simple steps helped me get incredible engagement on my fan page, not to mention the "per click" savings when I learned basic Facebook advertising for very little money. You want to boost your business quickly and easily Kassandra is your gal!

Holly Fitch-Stevens Entrepreneur & Life Coach
Testimonial Provider - Jaime Lewis (Owner-Operator of Bizcardia)

Just by knowing Kassandra and watching her on social media, I have gained insight that has helped me to get better results in my own FB marketing. I expect that the ROI on her consultation service is a great value.

Jaime Lewis Owner-Operator of Bizcardia
Testimonial Provider - Elisha Myatt (Home Business Entrepreneur)

Kassandra is an amazing Leader! Very down to earth, motivating, and love how she does her very best to help others ! Thank you for all your help I greatly appreciate it!!!

Elisha Myatt Home Business Entrepreneur


Looking To Work With Me?

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